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      Special motor and reducer wood pellet machine
      Product Overview:
      Ji'nan Taichang Transmission Machinery Co. Ltd. according to the needs of the market and customer feedback, special reducer special motor pellet machine independent R & D and production through long-term experiment popularization and application, in 2017 8 the Guangzhou international energy exhibition.

      Six Characteristics of Taichang Brand the Newest Model Wood Pellet Machine:

      Compactness is highly improved through machine design. It uses modular design to increase operational reliability by 4-6 times.

      It uses the excellent non-contact and high abrasion resistance labyrinth sealing device.

      Increase the surface area of the reducer, adopting forced air cooling and new type deflector shield which has good heat dissipation performance.

      The lubrication of the whole machine is designed on the basis of the lower maximum allowable oil temperature, which improves the operation reliability. Meanwhile, the maintenance cost is reduced because of the extension of the oil change cycle.

      Break the situation of wood pellet machine borrowing the traditional industrial reducer. We use special reducer for wood pellet machine.

      Break the situation of wood pellet machine borrowing the ordinary motor. We use special motor for wood pellet machine.
      Model Power(kw) Capacity(T/H) Size(mm) Weight(Ton)
      TCZL700 132+1.1+0.75+0.55+76w+1.5 1.5-3 2660*1360*1700 6.1
      TCZL850 185+1.1+1.5+0.55+80W+2.2 2.5-3.5 2630*1680*1840 9.6
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